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Sheng Pin / HanTang PU Foam Silicone Sealant 700ml
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    Sheng Pin / HanTang PU Foam Silicone Sealant 700ml

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    SHENG PIN PU Foam 700ml

    Advantages of PU Foam

    1. Multi-Purpose, able to bond on most surface such as wood, metal, masonry and more.
    2. Noise Resistant, absorb voice vibration reduce sound pollution.
    3. Heat Insulation, prevent heat leak into your house while preserving your house temperature.
    4. Water Proofing, fill gap beneath the roof that causes water leaking.
    5. Energy Saving / Cost saving, save up to 20% energy lost due to air infiltration (air leaks).
    6. CFC-Free, it is harmless to ozone layer.
    7. Dust Proof, seal gap to prevent dust flow inside house.
    8. Anti-Pest, seal gap and duct for insect and mouse coming in.
    9. Mould Proof, mould could not grow on PU Foam.
    10. Non-inflammable, PU Foam does not catching fire easily after cured


    Sheng Pin PU Foam is a one component foams, it cures when moisture in the air reacts with the chemistry of the foam. It provides sealing in window frame of bathroom, wooden door frames, fire door and system window sash etc. by using PU Foam, which was changed from the method of using cement mortar of the past. This not only reduces the time required in application, but also prevents condensation as much as possible with the superior insulation effect when used in external window sash.

    1. It is easy to use to fill up irregular gaps, holes, crack etc.
    2. Fill up gaps and cavities of the  house wall and roofing to prevent insert and mouse coming in house.
    3. The uniformed density prevents forming of holes or gaps in joint areas, the injected PU Foam quickly expands and hardens to form high-performance foam.
    4. It forms fine and independent air bubbles to achieve stable structure. With the exception of some solvents, it provides outstanding anti-chemical property and prevents moisture infiltration.
    5. Excessive part of PU Foam can be easily cut after cured, and it is paintable.
    6. Superior in terms of soundproof and dust proof properties; good adhesion to concrete, panel and metal surfaces.
    7. It prevents water leakage from cracks and gap.
    8. Suitable to be used at
    9. Window sash insulation around sash, prevention of condensation/ water leakage, soundproofing, etc.
    10. Filling up gaps between wall and pipe after piping installation.
    11. Filling up gaps in surrounding areas of internal door frame and filling up the gaps in-between concrete retaining wall and brick wall.
    12. Filling up gaps in fire doors and residential housing.
    13. Insulating overall areas of roof, walls and floor, filling up the hole penetrated through by air-conditioner hose.
    14. Filling up large gaps (especially, large gaps in slate untreatable with corking materials, etc.)
    15. Insulation and prevention of condensation in brewery and dairy/ food factory, gas sealing in fumigation warehouse, tea manufacturing, insulation in mushroom storage and insulation in animal feed storage
    16. Refrigerator ship, meat storage, insulation in freight vessel (banana transportation ship) and insulation in refrigerator car.
    17. Sealing of cable duct, area penetrated by pipe duct structure, piping terminal area.
    18. Preventing cooling of hot water in bathtub, insulating/ soundproofing assembly-type bathroom.
    19. Preventing condensation in basement (Fiberglass absorbs water in basement areas, where the level of dampness is high and condensation easily occurs. Therefore, it counteracts the effect.)


    1. Shake can vigorously for one minute before use.
    2. Clean and premoisten surface before spray.
    3. Fill with 50% + - of the actual needed volume to fill up the gap is enough, the PU Foam will expand.
    4. PU Foam will start curing in 10 minute, fully cure in approximate 1 hour.
    5. Use a knife to cut off excessive cured foam, surface now can be treated will cement, paint or silicone.


    1. Keep out from reach of children.
    2. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperature exceeding +50°c while no using.
    3. Do not pierce or burn even after use.
    4. Wear suitable protective gloves and goggles during work.
    5. It is non-toxic after cured.
    6. No smoking during work
    7. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear respiratory equipment.
    8. In case of eye contact or skin irritation, wash off immediately with clean water or seek medical advice immediately.



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    (1can = approx RM22.00)


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